Mitt Romney said it best. #trees #Michigan #nofilter #grossepointe  (at Lochmoor Blvd.)

Mitt Romney said it best. #trees #Michigan #nofilter #grossepointe (at Lochmoor Blvd.)

"There are amusing moments, among them when Senator Carl Levin, the grandfatherly Michigan Democrat, approached Mr. Feingold and the late Paul Wellstone on the Senate floor during the 1999 impeachment trial. ‘I am a little embarrassed to ask you guys this,’ Mr. Levin said sheepishly. ‘But what’s a thong?’"

In New Book, Ex-Senator Says Fear Clouded Judgment After 9/11 (via langer)

(via langer)

"Snyder, without providing many details, said his personal financial information had been compromised about five years ago. A multi-millionaire, Snyder said he learned his identity had been stolen when he started getting "harangued by collection agencies" over bills he didn’t have.

"It took over two years to finally clean it up," he said. "That was a major hassle."

He also said that a few years ago, he discovered that a computer he had set up for his children to use had apparently been compromised and used in a botnet, a secret network of computers used by hackers to coordinate web attacks.

Snyder said his personal experiences underscore the broader issue: cybersecurity is becoming a major problem for individuals, businesses and governments.”

It’s worth remembering this guy’s management experience was at Gateway, a former American computer company.

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Isn’t it great how the right is still using Western Europe as a scarecrow against socialism? They do realize we find the E.U. lifestyle appealing for the most part, or at least preferable to Wal-Mart Life, right?

"Young people grew up in a post-Soviet world. When they hear “socialism,’’ they think Scandinavia, not Russia. They’re much more likely to be struggling with student-loan or credit-card bills than to have been affected one iota by the sort of government overreach that can be credibly tied to socialism."

BTW, this is another peice by one of my favorite Mich Daily hires, Jesse Singal. It’s worth noting that Michigan is starting to see more clearly that socialism saved millions of jobs here. Read the rest if you want a feel for how my generation thinks about the government’s role in the economy.

We have a Dennis Kucinich type on our hands, and I mean that in the best way possible.

Scott Kurashige from U-M is a baller and a gentleman, btw. Journos looking for a source, heads up.